Hard Caciocavallo Campotenese Cheese, gr 400

cod. Caciocavallo Stagionato
made in Italy
shipping days: within 1 week


Caciocavallo Campotenese is made with cow’s milk in designated areas of Southern Italy and gainedprotected geographical status in 1993. Our cheese comes from Pollino National Park area

Our caciocavallo has a mild, slightly salty flavour and firm, smooth texture when young (about 2 months). As it ages, the flavour becomes sharper and the texture more granular. It is one of the pasta filata types of cheese, like mozzarella, which means it has been stretched and shaped by hand. Its flavour becomes stronger and tangier with age and it has a soft, creamy and stretchy texture. Delicious as a snacking cheese, aged caciocavallo is also perfect to eat at the end of a meal or served in appetizers, main dishes or on a cheese platter.


  • Thermised cow milk, rennet, salt.

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