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Madeo’s high quality and selected meats follow precise rules of production; everything is strictly made within the supply chain, from feed to the spices that flavor to the meats, such as the renowned Calabrian Red Chili Pepper. The climate of the two seas of Calabria, the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian Sea, gives the products a unique taste and flavor.

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Calabrian 'Nduja, gr 250

cod. 'Nduja 250 gr
made in Italy
shipping days: within 1 week


Lean meats, lard and cheek with Madeo’s Calabrian red hot chili pepper sauce.  Traditional shape in natural casing. Spreadable in glass or bucket. Gluten free. Dairy free

‘Nduja is a cross between a spicy, hot pâté and a spreadable salami – meaning that it has, unsurprisingly, developed a cult following. ‘Nudja is a Calabrian specialty

‘Nduja has a smooth texture and strong taste. A little 'nduja goes a long way. Just one teaspoon really livens up a tomato sauce. The traditional Calabrian way is to spread ‘nduja on a piece of crusty bread, but the strong flavours are only for those with a chilli-hardened palate. ‘Nduja is also delicious with seafood – particularly crab linguine.

Ingredients: Fat and pork meat, peppers, salt, olive oil (no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours). Refrigerate after opening, and consume within two weeks. 

Proprietà terapeutiche dell'Nduja

Cibo afrodisiaco che aiuta il cuore

Un detto popolare, attribuisce alla ‘nduja di Spilinga” poteri afrodisiaci" e lo consiglia al posto di famosi prodotti farmaceutici, agisce come vasodilatatore con grossi benefici per i capillari e per le arterie coronarie

Da ricerche a carattere storico e scientifico, oggi è considerata un toccasana nelle bronchiti, nell’ enfisema, nei reumatismi e soprattutto previene l’infarto

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