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Madeo’s high quality and selected meats follow precise rules of production; everything is strictly made within the supply chain, from feed to the spices that flavor to the meats, such as the renowned Calabrian Red Chili Pepper. The climate of the two seas of Calabria, the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian Sea, gives the products a unique taste and flavor.

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Spicy Calabrian Soppressata DOP, 450 gr

cod. Soppressata Piccante Di Calabria DOP 450 gr
made in Italy
shipping days: within 1 week


Ham and filet of calabrian pig with black pepper and calabrian spicy red chili pepper sauce. Tied by hand and seasoned for 45 days. Gluten free. Dairy free

  • Territory: Calabria
  • Shape: characteristic
  • Size/Weight: length 15-20 cm, width 5-8 cm, weight 450 gr
  • Consistency: compact
  • Production period: all year round

Product billing in Italy and shipping from Italy.